Today I’m answering the question, “How do I keep sane during the corona pandemic?”

This is a special edition of Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out. We have a new normal right now because of the Corona Virus. 

How Do I Keep Sane During the Corona Pandemic?

It’s a very challenging time for all of us. If you feel like you’re wading through molasses, you’re not alone! If you need support, ask for it.

Here are 5 ways to reduce stress:

1. What’s my opportunity during this time? Shift your focus.

2. Don’t step into fear where you can be easily swayed. Don’t obsess, but stay informed.

3. What can you learn about yourself during this time? What are your weaknesses and how can you strengthen them?

4. We are all one and part of the community and connection. How can you support others during this time?

5. Find the silver linings of these times and have gratitude. To learn how Julie can support you:

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TRANSCRIPT How Do I Keep Sane During the Corona Pandemic?

Julie Coraccio 0:00
Hey everyone with everything going on with the corona virus coven 19, I just wanted to do a short video. This is a Facebook Live video. And I didn’t do any editing, as you can tell because when people ask questions or made a comment, I lost my train of thought. So this was just I wrote literally five words down and did off the cuff. And I wanted to share this as a special podcast episode I am going to be doing and I’ll definitely post them on YouTube. I don’t know if I will post them on the podcast we’ll just have to see but I just wanted to do something I know a lot of people are at home right now. I know I have no work. And I can’t go into people’s homes and I couldn’t live with myself if I had something and gave it to someone else. And so every Monday, noon, eastern standard time on Facebook Live and you can find me under Julie Seibert Coraccio. Oh, everything I do is public. My theory is I put stuff up that if it’s okay plastered on the front of the New York Times, I’m okay with that I’m going to be doing our coaching is the best way answering questions. So if you have questions on organizing decluttering you listen to podcasts, you know, I take a very wide view, like I believe clutter is anything that prevents you from creating the life you choose deserve and desire. So, email me some questions if you have it beforehand, but join us or you’ll see all the videos will be on my page so you can write a question in the comments. So that’s just something that I’m going to be doing for the foreseeable future. So Mondays at noon, Eastern Standard Time. We’re gonna get through this everyone, okay? And this is just a short little note on how can I change my perspective or look at this as an opportunity. Okay, take two from the beginning. Facebook has changed Facebook Live so it is a little bit different now.

I wanted to talk about

finding the opportunity. I have seen a lot of people, you know how a record can get stuck for those of you old enough to remember and kind of the groove and unable to move forward. I see a lot of people stuck, not being able to move forward. And so I wanted to talk today about how can you find the opportunity and what’s going on in the world. I’m not gonna discount it’s really stressful for a lot of people. I wanted to talk today because after 911, I was living in Los Angeles. I had just literally weeks before I purchased my first ever condo, I was excited to be able to own something. And then a few weeks later, 911 happened. And then I was laid off. I was trying to remember I have apparently shut that out and forgotten that. I was in a big grant writer and a big development department and our whole department except for like two people were laid off and I was unemployed. For for nine months, and that was really stressful for me, I was fortunate that California, I mean, I’m pretty sure almost 20 years ago or whatever was close to that, that I got as much unemployment, more unemployment than they get now in North Carolina. And so, with my employment from California, I was able to pay the mortgage, and I think maybe utilities, but luckily, I had savings. But for nine months, being single, and having a mortgage was incredibly stressful. Looking back, I probably was depressed a little and didn’t know it. And so I have to be gentle with myself. But when I look back, I think, wow, I had nine months of being unemployed, all the things I could have done during that time. I could have written a book. I could have started painting again, there were like a gazillion things that I could have done. And so I see many people stuck in fear and stuck in anxiety and people will make suggestions and they won’t move forward. So I’m going to suggest to you what opportunity Can you Find during this time, you know, for me, it’s been okay, I’m going to have to retool my business. I don’t have any business now. So what do I need to do? why I’d already started going in one direction. I’m like, Okay, this actually helps with that. I have online classes I’ve created. I’m fixing up my website to emphasize that. So it’s made me really think like, what do you want about business? What’s important to you? What do you want to do now? Maybe you are someone who’s working from home now and you discover you know what, I really want to work from home. I want to thank you, MJ, thank you. I want to work from home, you discovered you know, you had the nine to five job. And so you realize, Oh, I think I’d really like to work from home. Well, how can I do that? Or, you know, you work and then you’re laid off and then what happens is you take and I will put a resource in the link there like 450 Ivy League courses being offered for free right now. And I posted on another site and someone said, oh, I’ve always wanted to do instructor design. So thank you for that. So you take the time to think, Wow, maybe there’s a new career that I’d like to do. Hey, Carol. And so you ask yourself, what is the opportunity in this time, I don’t want you to be like me. And again, I have to be gentle with myself, but I wasted nine months, who knows what I could have accomplished in that time. And if you see it as an opportunity that can help you take action, right? Because when we’re afraid, and when we earn fear, we get stuck. It’s like, I call it wading through molasses, I can’t move forward. And when I’m in fear, I can’t do that. So if you start to switch, you’re thinking, Okay, well, what can I what’s my opportunity? What can I do? I’m gonna encourage you, what can you learn? What can you learn during this time, there is a place called the Great Courses and they have a bunch of you can do it on download. They have a bunch of courses right now. And if anyone wants, I’ll put the code in for

25 bucks for you to

download if you want the actual disk $35. That’s these are topics Professors again, this is an opportunity to learn. And then this might be an opportunity to reset. I’m going to be honest, I’ve been taking naps, not daily, but almost because I’m exhausted. I have insomnia, had insomnia for a while. Now I know asleep person might tell me that I can never actually catch up on sleep, but I’m going to disagree with that nap as possible. What are the opportunities? How can I go within? And you know, I want to be clear, I’m very fortunate. I have no business but my husband’s employed. And we I’m grateful. I feel for those that have brick and mortar businesses. My brother has a brick and mortar business. I feel you know, they just shut down hairdressers, not all North Carolina, I think wait county and nail salon and things of that. Restaurants are not doing takeout. Those are the people. And I understand that’s an incredibly stressful situation. But I’ve been there, and I’m gonna encourage you again, how can you see this as an opportunity? Maybe it’s a reset on life. You know? Talking with my husband. We’re really like what’s important to us? And we’ve made some big decisions about some changes we’re going to make next year. Because this is really, for us said, okay, what’s important in your life? What are your priorities? I mean, nothing like being self quarantine to make you think about things and want to do things differently. So try to think, what can I do? Or how do I need to reset? check in with yourself, you have all the wisdom you need within? So what is it that you’re yearning to do? Maybe your creative side needs to be expressed. And again, it doesn’t have to be something that you sell or end up a product, but sitting and painting, how that can bring you joy, whatever it’s going to do to allow you to take steps to move forward. And I want to take a moment to talk about fear.

When we are in fear

that immobilizes us and I remember after 911 the one thing I really remember that is is the president saying gotten by that’s what we need right now. Now I’m super frugal. And even as much as I’m in fear, I’m not going to spend that much. But I remember out I’ll get some sheet. That’s something I can do. I’m sure I brought a couple other things. And that’s normal. I’m very careful with all of that. And so, but I was so afraid and like, I must do that.

And so now is the time

to be even more villages and to pay attention to what’s going on. I encourage you to read. Don’t read all about coronavirus that’s gonna seep you more into fear. Be very careful of what you’re reading in social media. I try really? I don’t pass any of that stuff along. I would say to you, CDC, I would also say what’s your local state doing? No, we’re fortunate. There’s a guy in North Carolina Charlotte. He’s a senator, my friend Vince gave me his name. He’s given a very factual up today, everything on that and that’s what I’m counting for information. I think that there are a lot of people that are spreading false things and don’t vet it. So go to somewhere like the CDC or your state or your county. gov. To get information because I’m saying be safe and be informed, like we’re doing a trip to the grocery store, my dentist, our dentist appointments were canceled. I’m kind of in shock. My surgery has not been canceled. And but my I’ve seen other hospitals around here asking for donations to grow. He hasn’t done that yet. We’ll see I’ve got I’ve got 10 days but I’m, I’m waiting for them to say no, no, we’re gonna cancel. But don’t step into fear. Because remember, that’s going to keep you stuck. What can you learn from this time? You can learn how you respond to stress how you respond to a crisis situation and how can you better prepare for that in the future. For instance, if you’re able, and again, I’m aware that not everyone can do this. We have I think this has been a wake up call for America and when people say you know, we don’t need minimum wage or whatever we have to keep that down. people making minimum wage now are keeping this country going and I think If you’re someone that’s against that, I’d encourage you, you know what, maybe you need to rethink that because they’re the ones doing things and are putting their lives more at risk than most of us. And thankfully, some companies have in and have put that out and are going to play them. Hazard pay is not the right word, but something that’s going to give them more more help during these trying times. Yay. So shout out to MJ who’s finishing her novel and catch it go on freelancing and college studies. You know, that’s fantastic. I know that MTA has a child and so I’m assuming that her child has now at home and so that she’s gonna maybe I don’t know where you are and how it’s gonna think you’re in Texas how you’re doing that but she she’s utilizing time I think that’s great doing a couple different things. And again, you know, having a schedule during this time I know we joke about staying in PJs all day and having loungewear but make sure that you are having some type of schedule. So like when I get up in the morning

I feed the cats.

I run the dishwasher. I check mail, I see if my husband wants me to make breakfast and I come in and I start to work. Now I’m taking I have someone that has to have variety. I do have a lot of writing but when I’m done with this I’m going to do video editing. This is something fun for me this is totally off the cuff. I have not I just have like literally five words of things that I want to talk to you about in this video. So make sure that you have a schedule that having routines are going to help keep you focused on that are going to help reduce your stress and that’s really important that you do exceptional self care right now and whatever that means to you. Again, I mentioned I’ve been taking naps. taking naps might be something that’s important. You know if you can’t go to the nail salon, paint your own nails. order something from also they have a bunch of little samples. I love that when I don’t like to try product because I don’t know how to react. have exceptional self care during this time. Be aware What is it that you can learn from this? You know, I mentioned a moment ago if you’re able or started to, if you’re able, and you have no emergency savings, maybe that’s something Wow. Instead of buying the latest and greatest car instead of buying the latest and greatest video games, maybe I need to start an emergency fund. And just again, you need to be gentle with yourself in this time. Don’t be judgmental, let’s not spin our wheels and waste time there. But what can you learn from all this?

You know, I we enjoy

being home or my husband and I tend to be home bodies. But I have to tell you, I’m kind of like when someone says stay at home. Oh, that makes it harder. So

what is it that I need to do?

What is it the lessons that I can learn in this because they are if you’re willing to look for it. I want to talk a little bit about community. You know, everything’s energy, whether you believe that from a spiritual perspective or you’re smart and you believe in from a physics perspective

what happened?

China affected us here in the US. And we have been so divided in this country. I can’t speak for other countries. And if you’re listening, I would love to comment in here. But we’ve been so divided. And this shows us we’re all part of the oneness. Whatever happens somewhere else can have a direct impact on me. And so think about how are you responding from a community perspective I have to type in. Amazed I love seeing the Italian singing on the balconies. I love seeing the Spaniard playing their music. I love these porch concerts I’m seeing I’m grateful to all the musicians that are doing mini concert from their home. I belong to a over 40 group for alums from my college and this woman posted her daughter’s in theater and so they are going to do the favorite Broadway musical songs for people maybe you’re alone or can’t get out which I sent in summer, which I think is a fantastic idea. I think that’s community, that’s awesomeness. But I also see still

an incredible amount of division.

Incredible what I call tribalism. And I’m going to be doing a podcast in September about that, because it’s something someone got really angry with me about my podcast, and they don’t watch it. And so they found me on YouTube to make sure that they could comment and less let them know their frustration with me. And it’s all good. You know, I welcome that. And I also accept and realize I’m not for everyone. But how are you responding to this from a community? Are you saying how can I help? Where can I do What can I do? I am committed to helping one small business a week. So I just hired a solopreneur to do some updates to my website. I had him buying a product from a business this week. I’m looking locally, well, how what is the need, who can I help with a little challenge with the restaurants because we’re doing keto? So you know, have a good salad in the area that’s open Let me know and I will get a pickup salad for us. But I’m trying to make a difference in any small way that I can because remember, everything’s energy as I do that it might inspire someone else. You know, I mentioned at the top of this every Monday noon, eastern time, I’m going to take your questions on decluttering. And, you know, I have a very broad definition of that, because I’m very holistic and organizing, whatever if you’re working on something for an hour, I’m gonna be here to coach and if no one shows up, you know, I will still sit here and wait, because nothing lost, nothing gained, but I just wanted it in a small way. I thought, well, what can I do that maybe will support someone and help move them forward? So look at your community and again, are you digging your heels in and blaming exes, this or excess that and you know, again, I see these, I want to laugh because, you know, you can say x and someone else on the opposite side can respond with y and in a sense there. It’s Just been a very interesting thing. But you know, I think I see someone who’s just the anger that they put out. And so if that’s you, I’m gonna invite you to check yourself if you were digging your heels in so much. What is it, you have to learn what’s going on there and you know, self righteousness is a wound. And I will find hopefully for next time I read that in a book a couple years ago, that was like an aha moment for me. I was like, wow, I never thought about that. That way, self righteousness as a womb. And now I’m gonna

sit just you.

I’m not saying don’t be aware. I’m not saying appear intention not pay attention, because I mentioned that earlier. When we’re in fear, a lot of things can get done. And okay, Carol, you know what, next week, I’m going to talk about the opportunity today. So think about your questions. And if you have questions, post them below, or message me, especially specific stuff. We’ll talk about that next week. And so oh my gosh, I hate getting old. I forgot my train of thought

we’re talking about

oh my gosh. Oh, about if you are so set in their ways, and I’m going to encourage you, how can I What’s that going on? What’s really that about? And this is a time to come together. Oh, I know what it was so paying attention, you know things. I don’t like to share news I follow a political historian on Facebook called Heather Cox Richardson that I love because she relates what’s going on in the world. So you know, you probably heard the Senator from North Carolina allegedly so I can’t get sued, had insider trading and traded all the stocks are sold or whatever was and the one from Georgia

who allegedly did this

who’s worth 500 million and she related that in history, and there were three others and she came back so what I love about her she came back the next day and said she posts like really late like at three in the morning stars read it the next day and she said you know a couple of you were like you didn’t post these people, but upon further and investigation, they felt that these three congresspeople were completely different from the two that I just mentioned. But she talked about how before in the 1929 crash,

that people were saying,

buckle down your stare, and they in the government, and they were the ones looting and stealing and all that good stuff. So that’s what I’m talking about, be aware about what’s going on. Or if they want to do something like martial law, I don’t think we need to get to martial law yet. Again, I’m not running the country, but, you know, are they trying to slip powers in that, you know, you can just be held without seeing a judge when that stuff like that concerns me because that’s the bedrock of our democracy. And so pay attention. And again, when you’re not in fear, you can pay attention and every day, you can do things like take a deep breath. You can ground yourself, you can get out in nature, you know, you can walk I can’t walk in night now because it’s evil pollen season and everything is literally coated, and the yellow green stuff and I can’t breathe But I’m waiting for this to to happen. I’m going to try to go outside today because we had rain but do something and be a part of the community Now’s not the time to be divisive. Okay, how can you contribute to your community? If you’re just feeling

anger and hatred, go look at some kitties.

That is not helping. Right? We talked about everything’s energy. So what are you putting out there and encourage you post love post solution? Anyone and I will post the free courses here. Anyone that has free resources that can help please share that’s what’s important that we do that. And then finally, you know, practice gratitude I know can be really hard right now but what silver lining? Can you find what is good about this? You know, what I think’s great families have more time to spend together. I had for Christmas this year. I’d gotten my nieces and nephew. I wanted to do something and I got them. A job German food bunch of different things because our family is mainly German and my sister in law’s family is mainly German that you know, the kids, see if they like sauerkraut, and you know, the really important stuff in life. And so my brother had texted me said, Hey, we made the German meal and said, they’re all about to eat, and he sent me a picture of the dining room table. But that’s family time. How great is that, that they got to do that? Are you unplugging more? And I’m gonna encourage you, you know, I see some people I think are just on overload because they’re reading everything they can about the corona virus. So what are the silver linings? I’m decluttering I’m, you know, I started at the beginning of the year, I have my whole year mapped out and we downsize last year, but I’m like, we got to get a lot more stuff go. So I’ve got a big donation pile going on. I don’t know when I’m going to be able to do that. I have a dining room table stuff. It’s not the right time to sell stuff, you know, maybe in six months or whatever. And I’m like, Yeah, I have time to declutter, how can I downsize even more and so I’m using that as an opportunity. We’re trying to be healthier. So I’m cooking more, which has been great. I have learned today is like good day for cauliflower or Groton, I’m just great keto cookbook. And so I am cooking more. I think that that’s great. And again, what is all the Silver Linings, you know, my husband gets to work from home and Monday was his normal pellet commute day. And so I think we’re on week two or week three of him tell community and I’m so grateful because it’s probably a 45 minute commute for him only three days a week, which is really doable, but he works a swing shift. And so you know, there’s one time he has had these day he worked 45 hours, once in a three day period and I was always worried about him coming home. And so hey, he gets doesn’t have to commute.

That’s gonna save

because he doesn’t have to charge the car every day. It’s gonna but he’s here and then if he has to work overtime, then it reduces my stress and worry because I’m like, okay, he just has to walk from the office to the bedroom and you gonna be okay. So try to find the silver linings try to have gratitude. And you know what I have been reading all these things and I thought it was a good comparison. You know, my uncle Carlo died a few years ago, was at Normandy. He was a Marine, it was something that he never liked to talk about, which was two bags, I think it would have been nice to hear those stories. But we’re asking, we’re being asked to stay home. So that’s just a little perspective for you, I would much rather sit on the couch and be at home than have to storm the beach at Normandy. So that’s just again, a little perspective for you. And if you find again, not in judgment, be kind with yourself. But how can I get out of thinking like this? How can I get another perspective? Who do I need to reach out for support? That time when I was in LA for nine months, not doing stuff I wish I would have known to ask for help. I just was too much in there. And so if you need support, ask for but again, I emphasize you need to take that first step. People can offer to help you. But you’ve then got to take this step. Okay, this is what I need to say, I don’t know what I need. But I need help. Can you help me? You need to take that first step and keep moving forward. So that’s just my little nickel for today. I want you to remember how can I find the opportunity? How can I keep from being informed? How can I safely insanely be aware of what’s going on? What am I learning in this moment? What are my silver linings? And what do I have to be grateful for? All right, everyone. So as I said, I’ll be back next Monday at noon, Eastern Standard Time. But questions for decluttering and organizing or mental clutter and oh, Carol mentioned whatever you want, and I’ll be here to answer them. I’ll be able to

talk about it.

And we’ll go from there. All right, everyone.

Clear your clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire.

Now if I can see

they change The format on Facebook guys is much


All right, here it is.

Okay. All right, everyone. Thanks for your patience with me. I’ll be better next week.

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