2020 Vision: How can I Create the Life I Desire?

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2020 Vision: Are You Focused for the Year?

Do you know what it takes to have a clear road map for the year? Would you like to clear your clutter to focus on what’s most important for the year?

Take actions:

  • Contemplate your vision for 2020.
  • Think about your vision for the next 5, 10, 20 years and your life
  • Write a personal vision.
  • Create a plan with steps to achieve your vision
  • Determine how you’ll be accountable
  • Go with the flow of life. It’s okay if your vision changes.

To learn how Julie can support your 2020 vision.

What will you create in 2020? What’s Your 2020 Vision?

Video Transcription


Julie Coraccio 0:01
Today I’m clear your clutter inside and out. We’re talking about your vision for 2020.

What do you see for your life this year?

How can you gain clarity and focus?

Are you aware of why you didn’t accomplish what you’d hoped to last year? Learn how to create your vision as we begin our month

focusing on clarity.

Do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? unclear your clutter inside and out, will teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on. Let’s get started.

Hey, hey, hey everyone. 2020 Can you believe it? I turn 50 and 2019 but I’m still my birthday. You’re still 50. And I remember as a kid, thinking 2020 seems

so far away so far off.

And look, here we are.

Life definitely seems to go by much more quickly as we age. So if you’re like me, or even if you’re just in your 20s starting out, let’s work on creating the life we desire. Because in every moment, we have a choice. First step, as I knew at the beginning of each year, changes to the podcast. I have decided no longer to do a bonus episode. I really liked doing the one minute wisdom, but even with a much shorter episode, because I know I always didn’t hit the mark. And, and honestly, when I was doing some of these episodes,


I could go on and add and oh, I need to redo this and have it as a full episode.

But it takes effort. And so by

no longer doing a bonus episode because before when I started the podcast, bonus episode was a full episode

we have I think we’re up to 325 roughly in the archives I feel like we have a good solid archive and so the bonus episodes Not gonna happen now Never Say Never I might be doing a month be like oh my gosh, I feel really inspired by adding a bonus episode. So in general is probably not gonna happen it might happen this month because I was inspired by something but anyway, that’s probably going to be the biggest change. If you have signed up for my

newsletter, I

am going back to a quarterly newsletter this year

with downsizing and so much

going on.

I forgot to put out newsletters I think for a couple months it just

I usually try to do stuff

a month or so in advance sometimes two months with the newsletters just because I can get it done and and have it ready to go and

I completely space guys

life happens and so what that told me was

that Wasn’t a priority for me,

I’ve got so much going

on. And I kind of did the same thing with the newsletter taking that I do with podcast taking July and December off. I’m cutting back to quarterly, I’m going to try to get a little more information only four times a year.

But if you’re on the newsletter, I thought that I would share that.

I am still gonna take two breaks. I think that that benefits you and me. Can we have that whole archive? I have talked about I know before that I will reread

books, or rewatch the video

because I know I miss something or There’s something I need to hear this time around that I maybe didn’t pick up on or didn’t resonate with me at the time. So there’s lots of information out

there for the weekly app. So the more

I thought about it,

I want you to spend the week kind of contemplating and doing your take actions and turn something else in there. Yeah, you know, can be good or bad. So anyway,

We will have the first break

in July like I do, and in December, so it’s gonna be six weeks

off of each time. And as I’ve made notes

on here, it looks like we’re up to about 350 episodes, so

you’ll have more than enough. By the first break, we’ll have about 350 episodes, you’re going to be in good shape. And then you know what life’s not all about clearing your clutter wants you to

have fun and have joy and take time to paint, hike and do all

that stuff that you love. So we’ll continue with the tube


And for those of you

watching on YouTube, you will notice that the purple background is back. I’ve missed that and putting it up made me feel so much better. huge shout out to my friend Marcus. I used to cat sit for them. Isn’t it ironic? Can you imagine me not having cats because I think since I’ve done this podcast, did this after I got married. We had Joey and expanded to five. Yeah, we ended up i think i hoped in one of my podcasts last year that we would adopt a Nina and a gusta also known as medium guests and I couldn’t give them away guys, I know that there’s a need for fostering


as black cats, they’re still the least likely to be adopted. And no one was interested in

no one kept looking and it’s very hard not to give your

heart at least for me, to these adorable little kitties that I helped catch that were feral and are not part of our family. So we decided that we were going to give each other the gift of kitties for our anniversary this year. Like you know what we have enough we’re downsizing and working on doing that more. So we are now Happy Cat family of five. So again, if you’ve missed the purple cloth, it is back. I love the background and huge thank you to my friend Marcus.

Okay, and a big announcement,

because I’m going to actually at the end of the month do an episode on this about staying the course when when things get really difficult. I think actually last year, I didn’t participated on publishing my books last year and a comedy of errors happen. And I’m someone

that believes in divine timing

talk about that later on in an episode, but I just have to announce that I am super excited. I spent about two years on these books and you’re going to hear my little when I do a little commercial to me about the books. I’m really proud of this. I sent out query letters and was turned down and one thing after the other and

all gamma again, I’ll go into it a little more detail another episode,

but there were several things that happen. And I knew I had to stay the course on that. And I’m proud of myself, because sometimes you just have to stick with things. every obstacle that you encounter in your life is not necessarily a sign for you to switch gears or switch lanes. I’ve been inspired to do these books for a couple years now. I have this thing where I talk about when I feel like something just boom,

drops into my head. And so

that’s kind of how it was the books. I’m like, Okay, I know that’s coming intuitively, I wasn’t thinking anything about this.

This is a go.

So not always there, the waters easy. So we’ll talk about that a little later on. They’re up on Amazon. I had a debate about this. But getting something on Amazon and other marketplaces opens me up,

allows people to

find out about me. I’m also going to sell the books on my website, because

as you can imagine, Amazon charges me to print as well as takes 60% of the profit. I think it’s 60%. I’m very excited

want to share that and thank you all for listening and tuning in and watching because if you hadn’t,

I don’t know if I could have kept with them books. So this kind of kept me going. Today’s episode was inspired by turning 50 this year. Now I’m going to do another episode on things that I hope you’ve learned by the time you’re 50. But I’m halfway done with my life. If I lived to 90, then you know what, I’m already halfway there. And quite frankly, I don’t know. I mean, however the cards are laid when

my Time’s up. I read an article the other

day that said we’re supposed to our bodies are equipped to

make it to 900 I don’t know if I will have 900 years and in my personal belief system,

although I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this because I

always enjoy the conversation. I’ve always believed in reincarnation

and past lives, but as I read more about quantum physics,

they talk about

multiple timelines

and the best way I can describe this is I’m

in this little spaceship. The

essence of Julie the soul. Julie is there and I’m kind of thing like, she Star Trek was that thing when

they would go and they could try out the

different lives. So imagine you’re in the Star Trek spaceship and trying these

different lives. But some people believe that

all these multiple lines are there since there’s no time that that’s a man made construct that they’re going on at the same time. So I’m in room and 47, six, add, I am in 3023 on a spaceship,

everything’s going on at once. So

because of this belief,

I’m okay you know, for me and this life at 85, or whatever it is. But the larger point being as I’m halfway through my life, I really want to be more intentional with the time that I have left. Intentional to improve me to improve my community to improve the planet. And if I have a vision that’s easier. I still see a lot of people who wander through life now

I have a T shirt it finally fell off because I Ward all times is not all

who wander a lot.

Not all who wander are lost. And I agree with that.

And for many of us, you can

kind of wander through life and be okay. And for many of us having a vision is really supportive. And you can be wandering and have a vision. Be like You know what, I just want to kind of check out everything that life has to offer. Even if you wander having a vision can support you.

contemplating 2019

before you create your vision, I really want you to spend time thinking about last year. Did you have a vision last year? If so, what was it? If you didn’t accomplish all that you wanted, why? What held you up? Who was supportive who wasn’t? What obstacles came in your way. What were you able to come overcome? And what Couldn’t you get past? And why do you think that is?

Did you feel a bit rudderless?

Or were you able to stay on track and focus with your goals? Or did they not feel right?

And like they fit you? Well, like a coat, maybe use a size too small or too big.

If you take the time to review last year, that will help you with success for this year. Because if you understand, you know what, I couldn’t get around that obstacle. And as I’m thinking about it, it’s because you know what, I really don’t want to write a book now. It’s just, it’s not for me.

What I really want to do is start a podcast.

And if you take that time to contemplate and answer those questions, that is going to help set you on the path for success. So take the time I’m a huge fan of writing things down. journaling might be best for you or maybe you get this piece of poster board. I’m really a fan of that and being visual

and do it in a visual thing Okay, this is what stopped me and and then maybe that way you can do

the mind mapping

also and I did a podcast don’t protect forget to check out all January’s episodes. previous

episodes are kind of along goals and smart

goals and visions and things like that. And those are all episodes that can support you. So I encourage you take the time to do a urine review and summary of 2019 and learn from that.

What exactly is vision?

It’s simply a bigger picture for your life.

Who do you want to be when you grow up? In some ways, I still consider myself a kid and have those moments like what what am I supposed to do? What would an adult do? Well, what do you want to be when you grow up? You always have the option to change and do something else. Is there something you’d like to be an expert in are known for?

What is it you desire to accomplish?

What do you need to do? So you wake up excited and happy

each and every day.

Your vision can serve as a framework for you to create your goals, the life you desire. I really realized over this last year, I want to be known as a writer. And for my books, I love Love, love the podcast, and I appreciate and like being known for that.

But all my life, I’ve been proud

of my writing skills. It’s a dream come true for me to have these books published. I’ve written several courses, but it’s My mind, the books are still different. I have

several books planned out this whole

past two years have been great learning format and all of these things, but I have a structure now.

And a framework for the process after I completed this huge learning curve, so it’s going to make my vision a bit easier now.

So contemplate those questions.

And think of the bigger picture what’s the bigger picture for your life?

why having a vision is a good thing.

When you have clarity and allows you to focus on your dreams and desires, it allows you to move forward and take action to achieve what you’d like to accomplish.

clearing your clutter

and another way to boil it down is all about

clarity focusing on what’s important Separating the wheat from the chaff. It can help keep you motivated when it gets challenging. It keeps you on track as you can check in and say, Hey, is this align with my vision? If it isn’t, it’s clutter, and you can get back to doing what will support you and achieving your life that you desire to create.

Writing a personal vision statement.

I encourage you to write something down and put it where you can see it. Kind of that daily roadmap reminder. I recently saw the dentist and she’s giving it six months but I think it’s been maybe six weeks, eight weeks since I saw the dentist that

this is a failed experiment.

But she talked to me about behavior modification. She said we’re gonna if you can throughout the day, stretch your jaw and check in and say Am I clenching my jaw, then we don’t have to get a guard I’m probably gonna end up

having to get a guard.

One of the things though, that I’ve done is

I have posted on the computer and on the bathroom mirror and by my

nightstand, you know check in how is your job

just says job, so I know that

I might

clenching my teeth. So if you write it down, and it’s not long, even if it is particularly long be good for you to practice writing it and kind of settling that into your brain in your soul. You can help put little notes with your vision statement around your home. Remember, it’s not about being perfect. And I know as a

writer, you can be like, Oh my gosh, I’ve

got to change that word. And I know that you can edit to the cows come home and you have to eventually get to a point where like, you know what, it’s right. To present to the world or it’s ready to present to Susie or, or Sally or Bob or Billy, what do you want to share? It’s important, however to spend time on it and be very, very clear. As I’m recording this, I wanted to give an example. This is currently what I’m massaging and working on.

But this is what I have so far

from my vision state.

To be a writer, mentor, and healer, to inspire people to clear their clutter and share their gifts with the world.

You’ve been listening to me for a long time,

that’s probably gonna be like, yeah, you know what, that’s a pretty good

vision statement for her.

You might want something longer and to go into more detail or you might Want something shorter?

To come from love and every single situation

is an example of something

that covers a lot, but that’s pretty short.

I’m working on that. still a work in progress.

Do what feels right to you don’t need to share with anyone who can keep it private. Although you can that might be a way to support you. And have people be like, ah, Julie,

check in with your vision. Is that

really where you want to spend your energy?

use language that makes sense to you.

Like for example, my businesses reawaken your brilliance. That’s a question I actually get a lot asked a lot when I’m interviewing and why I chose it, but to me, someone else might be like, Huh, I don’t understand that. What does it mean but for me, it says a lot in three words. And that’s maybe, for me a shorthand. And so, again, it’s makes sense to me. I don’t have to have everyone understand it, but if it’s part of my vision statement, as long as I’m good with it, that’s what’s most important. Some things you might want to consider when writing your personal vision statement. What values are important to me?

How do I want to make a difference in the world?

What goals do I want to accomplish?

Telenor and book

make a documentary.

Creative, create a cookbook.

Make a sculpture.

Become a CEO.

own my own business. Design clothes.

be as clear

as you can when writing your personal vision statement.

You have all the answers you need within

got clutter 365 journal prompts books, supports you in figuring out how to clear your clutter. get control of your clutter so your clutter doesn’t control you. reclaim time, money, sanity and resources. Choose from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual,

holidays or

compilation volumes one two and three.

Free mp3 meditation with purchase. Learn more at reawaken your brilliance, calm

or purchase on Amazon.

How to create your vision, so you might have been doing your contemplating 2019 figured out something you’ve written your statements, how do you move forward? First, dare to dream. There are so many possibilities are infinite possibilities. let your mind wander what is it that excites you? I think about being a writer and truly being published. It makes me really excited. It makes me really proud. One of the things that kept me going through the process was I had hired someone to design the covers shoot an amazing job. And when I was slugging it through, because she was someone said, Oh, allow several months. She just got me right away. She gave several versions right off that we’re all awesome. But when I was like, yeah, this is it. That allowed me to keep the dream going, like I’m seeing this come to fruition and let yourself dream what gets you excited? If you want to be an author, do a mock up and print that.

What did you dream about? When you’re a kid,

allow yourself the courage to dream.

Explore your passions. What gets you excited each day?

Where do your talents lie?

When I first started my business,

that’s what I asked myself.

You know, I wouldn’t be a very good accountant, cuz I have about zero math skills. And it’s something I couldn’t get excited about. Balancing my checkbook is about the limit of my ability, and thank goodness for calculators on Google. But I had asked myself, what would I get excited about doing each day? And one of the things that I’ve learned through this process is being willing to change to shift gears. I did an online TV show that shifted in the podcast, I’m now doing books. I was really focused on organizing and then realize, Oh, it’s about clearing the clutter. And as I move further, I’m like, I want to help people, support them and getting end of life. So if they prefer for death, they can live their life fully. That’s what gets me excited.

Number three,

consider qualities or skills that you’d like to learn. Now, I should like to learn grammar, but at least I’m consistent guys, I have never been good at grammar. Even though I was a very creative writer, so at least I’m keeping consistent. That probably in all honesty, I should bone up on my grammar skills, because I’m fortunate that my mother was an English major. My uncle was too and so I have those resources. But I should still learn things. But sometimes it’s hard in the creative process because you just have to get everything down. And you’re so focused on Did I say this? Did I repeat myself? Is this clear that sometimes the grammar at least for me in the process But that would be a good skill for me to learn. So what qualities Would you like to learn if you want to be a own your own business, a small business owner? Maybe you need to learn basic accounting. Maybe you need to be a good networker or learn how to bone up on your intuition because you’re gonna have to hire people to do certain jobs. And you want to make sure that you can trust your instinct on that.

So what are the qualities and skills you’d like to learn?

Your purpose do you feel you have a purpose? I have heard more than one spiritual per person say our only purpose in life is to love

and you might go Pasha.

Not easy for me at least.

That’s something that I strive every day and I act from love, instead of anger and a lot better than I used to be. But what is your purpose? That something short like that might be great for you, but for others who might be my purpose to be an Olympic athlete? My purpose is to be an amazing mother. My purpose is to invent something that will help people in developing nations have clean water.

I believe we all have a purpose

and at the base. Yeah, I think I would agree with that. It’s to love it’s to grow. But I think for a lot of us, there’s more of that purpose. So spend a little bit of time thinking about what is your purpose? My purpose is to support people clear in clutter. My purpose is to even though we’re talking about decluttering is to infuse life coaching and life skills and things of that nature into everything I’m doing. I’m very aware that very clear about that. Number five, Be as specific as your able, the draft of my personal vision statement had three items.

But it also makes really clear

to me what’s most important to me.

healing people is because when

I support people in healing, because

everyone does all the healing,

I’m just a mirror sometimes or the supportive space for that.

You have to do the healing, I can’t heal you.

We all have to own our life and take responsibility.

But that’s one of the things that’s really important to me because as

we heal,

we change the world.

And that’s how we’re going to do it by each and every one of us, owning our life taking responsibility,

and choosing whether to

go up the spiral and raise our vibration,

or the alternative,

no right or wrong here, folks, no judgment with it.

But back to the point, Be as specific as you’re able. Because when you’re reading cific

when you’re really clear,

it makes saying no or yes a lot easier cuz boom, you know,

doesn’t fit in with what I’m trying to do


Make sure you are focusing on what you desire, not others, and I see this more often than you think that I would. I had a friend in college and her boyfriend went to law school. And they dated they eventually married. He hated law school, but his parents wanted him to be a lawyer. So he hated being in law school wasn’t where his interests live. And then he went was a corporate lawyer. Hello for a cool if you’re going to be a corporate lawyer, this would be one of the cooler places I would think to be a lawyer anyway.

went and did that

for years and was miserable. He was also in the fortunate position that she was really well off so he could make this change. And I get it. I get that sometimes decisions are harder than others, but we still have a choice. I want to emphasize that. And he eventually said, I hate being a lawyer. And he chose to do something else. And now he’s really happy. But for years, he was trying to please and I’m sure honor his parents by going to law school. But that wasn’t his dream. That was his parents.

Maybe that wasn’t even their dream, but they thought

that’s what a good son does. He becomes a respectable

position like the lawyer.

And he lost so many years of his life,

trying to be something that he wasn’t, but he found the courage to

end that. So if you’re in a similar situation, I encourage you, yes, you can do it. But do what makes you happy. Life is too short. Even if you live to 90 Life is too short, to be doing something You hate every single day,


get feedback regularly.

Why do I work with a coach because I need it. I need someone who is non judgmental, who can cut through my vote and get to the essence of something and provide me with good feedback. And then I can choose whether or not to act on it or listen to it. But it’s really important to get feedback regularly and be very aware. Sometimes our friends and family

don’t give us the best feedback and you need someone

who doesn’t have a vested interest

and is a neutral.

But that feedback allows you to course correct. It allows you to say

maybe that isn’t my dream, Is it someone else’s and allows you to check in

and it allows you to

go further. Go deep check in with yourself, check

in with yourself, Is

this really what I want? Because we can

sometimes ignore that little voice. But if we have someone that we trust,

they can say, hey, Whoa, what’s going on here? let’s step back for a moment. Again, you want to look for people that are non judgmental, that are honest, that you feel good rapport with, but encourage you get regular feedback.

Number eight.

Think about what areas you might want to create a vision or what it should include. You know, you might want to have a little separate vision

for your personal or your professional life.

Maybe a vision for your health,

your community,


your connection with source a higher power God

What areas do you want to what do you want to include? What is most important to you?

And one of the most important things, how are you going to remain accountable? Again, that’s why I suggested to thinking about last year, now you have to be flexible and in flow and still move forward. You know, we’re downsizing it’s incredibly stressful to sell your home. Now looking back on the process, we ended up have left the home before can be sold. Remember, think my energy and Tony’s energy was was so strong in there that people pick up on it, because the day after we left, we got an offer. So I respect that and understand that but during that process, I didn’t write a lot. I did some editing, but I’m just saying I can’t handle this. Now. I am so overwhelmed. I’ve just got to focus on doing my clients and extra work. I knew when I knew in January we were downsizing. I had done the podcast episodes really kind of went into high gear

with that and so I was like okay,

this will get done. While we’re downsizing it’s one less thing to worry about. I have caught a deer here dear friend, she is one of someone that helps keep me accountable. My husband does having different people edit helped me keep me accountable the cover designer because I had it was a lie. You’re like, Oh my gosh,

are so great, but I have to let her get her job finished. So those

were all elements. So how you gonna do that maybe you join an online group.

Maybe you join a local community.

Maybe you work with a mentor,

whatever it is set up a system for success by holding yourself

accountable because when we go year after year after year, without changing our life without growing without

accomplishing what we desire.

Usually not having accountability is a part of that piece. So come up with the plan for how you’re going to check in

with yourself and make sure that you are

being true to your vision.

Remember, just be flexible and in flow and still move forward. Because you can do that you can choose to do that.

Continue to clear your clutter

in all areas of your life. You have a lot of clutter, you can’t create your vision and you can’t bring it to fruition. clutter then becomes a distraction. And maybe you’re afraid of success or failing or some other ways and if you have clutter, then that book never gets published because what if I put it up on Amazon and people criticize me? That was a concern of mine is going to happen? absolutely going to happen. But that can be a fear. I get that.

Like I’m already criticized doing this putting myself out

there for more. But what out waited for me was, I’m here to serve a purpose and my purpose is to support people in clearing clutter. And part of my vision is helping them heal supporting them to heal. And this is one of the ways I have to do it. So that far outweighs the pot shots from the keyboard warriors. So keep on working on clearing that clutter in all areas of your life.

And then finally, check in with your vision

on a regular basis and make sure it still holds true for you and makes you happy in life changes. life hasn’t turned up exactly as I plan A lot of it’s been pretty good. They’ve Tony in the cats for Toby eternally grateful for but there are other areas that aren’t ever going to be fulfilled or dreams aren’t going to happen. So just check in with yourself and make sure that still feels good, feels like it fits.

take actions from today’s podcast.

Review 2019

and learn why or why not you didn’t get things


Contemplate your vision for 2020. Think about your vision for the next 510 20 years in your life.

Write a personal vision.

Create a plan with steps to achieve your vision.

Determine how you’ll be accountable.

Oh with the flow of life, it’s okay if your vision changes.

On our next episode,

we’re talking about no spend days

go out

Clear your clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire.

When you clear your clutter, you can share your gifts with the world. Sign up for our free newsletter at reawaken your brilliance calm. If you’ve enjoyed clear your clutter inside now, please rate review and share us

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