Sweet Surrender: Learn How to Let Go

Learn to find the Sweet Surrender in life for peace of mind. Take actions: Define what surrender means to you Acknowledge where you haven’t been able to surrender Practice releasing control in [...]

Sweet Surrender

Are you able to surrender in life? How do you try and control instead of letting go? Do you wonder what surrendering is and isn’t? Learn how to surrender. Certified life coach, author & [...]

Don’t You Forget About Me

Are you committed to spring-cleaning but worried you may be forgetting something? What may be getting gunked up that you haven’t cleaned in ages? Is there something you may have never cleaned? [...]

Filling Your Spiritual Cup

How is your spiritual life—is it in need of some rejuvenation? Has your routine for the divine gotten stale and could use a fresh infusion? Would you like tips to fill your spiritual or religious [...]

Open Your Mind Open Your Heart

Where are you not open to new and different opinions and perspectives? Why are you narrow-minded in some areas of your life? How can you better deal with close-minded people? Learn how to open [...]