249: Be Kind. Rewind.

When others need a helping hand do you offer or try to hide? Are you genuinely kind or only do it to get something in return? How can being kind improve your life? Learn how to clear some [...]

JUNE AWARENESS: Wipe The Slate Clean

Who do you need to forgive? Are you able to forgive easily or do you hold onto grudges? Would you like to have peace of mind? Learn how to clear some spiritual clutter. Certified life coach, [...]

247: Whose Voice Is That?

Is it your voice criticizing you or someone else’s? Do you regularly hear your voice or of that of a parent, teacher or friend? How do you release that little voice that isn’t yours? [...]

10-Minute Decluttering Tip: Kindness

Practicing Kindness It doesn’t take much spreading kindness, but it seems to be sorely lacking here in the United States and I would argue many countries. How often do we see unkind videos [...]

10-Minute Decluttering Tip: Forgiveness

Forgiveness Can Be Hard. Trust me, I know. I went through the process recently over about a half a year or so releasing someone who hurt me badly. Forgiveness, however, is for you; not the other [...]

246: Decluttering & Organizing Your Car

YOUR CAR:  Is your car a rolling trash can on wheels? Can you easily find what you need in your car? Are you losing gas mileage because your car is so loaded down with stuff you aren’t [...]

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