How to Create A Sacred Space

Do you have a sacred space in your home?  Would you like to have one?  Creating a sacred space is easy to do and can give you peace of mind. Take actions: Find an area of your home where you can [...]

244: Creating A Sacred Space

Would you like to create a space that brings you peace and joy? Why is it important to have a sacred space? Are you not sure where or what to put in your sacred space? Learn how to create a [...]


AWARENESS MAY Why do we sometimes cruise along in life? Is your automatic response yes, when you really would like to say no? How can we get off autopilot? Learn how to get off autopilot. [...]

240: Great Expectations

Have you ever had great expectations and then they didn’t come to fruition? How can our expectations hinder us? Why can we let go the expectations of others? Learn how to release [...]

Learn How Psych K Can Support You

Learn about Psych K and how it can help you reprogram your brain.  Julie Coraccio shares a little bit on her journey as she interviews Teresa Bruni. To learn more about Teresa and her offer for [...]

245: Psychology of Stuff

How did your relationship with stuff as a child affect you currently? Can your brain be affecting whether or not you are holding onto to things? Do we tend to collect more or release more as we [...]

242: Are You PSYCH K’ed?

Psych K How can your subconscious mind hold you back? Are you feeling not worthy and is it affecting your health? Do you have limiting beliefs that are causing you stress? Let’s learn about [...]

238: The Biology of Belief

What is the biology of belief? What is really controlling DNA? How are our positive and negative thoughts influencing our biology? What is epigenetics? Learn more about the biology of belief and [...]

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