FEB. AWARENESS: Forget That Stuff

What are you putting up with that isn’t good for you? Where have people crossed a boundary with you? How are you letting the little things get in the way of the more important stuff? Learn [...]

226: Can You Receive?

How well do you receive? When someone does something nice for you is your immediate reaction to do something in return? Are you always the one giving and not getting anything back? Learn tips to [...]

224: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you ready to expand your horizons and make yourself a little uncomfortable? Do you know the benefits of going out on a limb? What are the benefits of getting out of your comfort zone? Learn [...]

218: Creating Space in the New Year

Do you have room to create what you desire? Where else besides your home do you need to create space? How can you easily and effortlessly create space in your life? Let’s finish up our [...]

Comfort Zone: Tips for Getting Out of It

This year, I am hoping you will get out of your comfort zone more.   There is a quote about the sweetest fruit being out on the limb and I always think about that. And that has helped inspire me. [...]