217: Year End Review

Year End Review: Have You Done Yours? How do you do a year end review? Do you wander through each year never taking time to reflect how the year went? Are you aware of areas that you could [...]

214: Organizing Your Tax Receipt & Taxes

Tax Receipts & Taxes: Are you getting every possible tax deduction? Have you had to pay penalties and fines because you filed late? Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of organizing your [...]

213: Holiday Self Care Plan

Self Care Plan:  Do you know how to take care of yourself when the holidays get stressful? Are you able to keep calm when someone pushes your buttons? How can you make different choices this [...]

210: How to Simplify the Holidays

Are you overwhelmed every holiday season? Have you considered running away from it all just to avoid all the stress that the holidays bring? Do you love the holidays but find they have gotten [...]

207: What’s Your Relationship Baggage?

Relationship Baggage.  Are you aware of the emotional clutter you bring into your relationships? Do you know how keeping your baggage close by can be hurting your relationships? Learn tips for [...]

171: Clutter and Depression

Have you ever wondered if there is a correlation with clutter and how you feel? Do you notice a change in your mood when you are surrounded by clutter? Have you tried to clear your clutter but [...]

169: Repurposing to Get Organized

Are you annoyed at the cost of many organizing containers? Do you have fun being creative and would like to bring that into your organizing? Looking for a way to save money when you get [...]

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