Declutter to Find Your Authentic Voice

How Do You Find Your Authentic Voice? Learn how I found my authentic voice and how the past was getting in the way.  I decluttered my voice to be heard. Intuitive voice coach Tracy Goodwin joins [...]

196: Finding Your Authentic Voice

Do you know what an intuitive voice coach is? How can what happened to us in the past affect our voice? Would you like to learn about how to find your authentic voice? Learn how. Intuitive voice [...]

195: Financial Clutter: Credit Scores

Financial Clutter Do you have financial clutter? Do you know your what your credit score is? Are you losing money because you don’t have a good credit score? Do you know other ways your [...]

Financial Clutter: Credit Scores

Financial Clutter: What’s Your Credit Score? Many of us are seeking financial abundance. Lots of us have made bad financial decisions in our younger lives and now we’re paying for all [...]

Are You Doing the Spiritual Override?

Doing the Spiritual Override and Ignoring Your Feelings? This episode was inspired by me and how I was doing the spiritual override when it came to dealing with mean girls.  Trying to be the [...]

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