Present Moment: Why It Really Is A Gift

Are you in the Present Moment? In every moment we have the choice to start fresh. Most of us spend the majority of our time living in the past or the future. We are unaware because we’re on [...]

Shake up Your Life: Doing it Differently

I talk a lot about awareness and action. Many times we are on auto pilot and so we aren’t aware of what we are doing, feeling, seeing, believing. One way to become aware and get off of autopilot [...]

Boundaries: How to Effectively Say No

Having good boundaries means being able to say no when you need to. This episode is inspired by my clients. When I work with people I give homework if they like. I have a really holistic view of [...]

Declutter Your Purse or Wallet

Declutter your purse or wallet for an easy win and to get you started! Today’s episode was inspired by an interview I had to do. It has to be something that could be done in five minutes. [...]

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