Desk Organization Tips

Desk Organization Tips: How Neat is Your Desk? What are your stats? Have you lost money because you haven’t been able of find a receipt? Do co-workers not trust you because your desk in [...]

111: Organizing & Decluttering Your Desk

This episode focuses on Organizing & Decluttering Your Desk Is your desk neat and organized or has it become the place you dump everything you don’t know where to put? Have you lost money [...]

Technology Tips for the Office

Easy To Implement Technology Tips for the Office Technology can be your friend if you know the right technology to use.  In this episode, learn easy to implement tech tools to support you in [...]

108: Organizing Your Bills!

Have you lost money because you don’t pay your bills on time? Did you know that can negatively affect your credit score? We all have bills to pay and if you are disorganized you can lose money [...]

107: How To Organize Files

The Small Business Administration states that 80 % of the papers we file, we never refer to again. With the rise in computer usage, people said that paper filing would become obsolete, but that [...]

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