Presentations to Declutter Your Life

Julie Coraccio has spoken to a wide variety of audiences as well as conducting how to organize your life and declutter your life how-to workshops. She can customize her presentations to fit your [...]

Positive Affirmations for Decluttering

Positive Affirmations for Decluttering Your Life We hear a lot about how to declutter your home, but what about decluttering on a deeper level? How do you declutter your life on an unconscious or [...]

Lifestyle Coaching to Declutter Your Life

Julie Coraccio is available to support you in your self-development, well being and learning how to declutter your life and lifestyle coaching. She considers herself a CPO–Chief Possibility [...]

Podcast Coaching with Julie Coraccio

Julie supports you in how to make a podcast through podcast coaching.  From concept to finished product, she coaches you to create a successful podcast.  Julie utilizes her professional [...]

How To Declutter Your Life Course

Clutter is stuck, stagnant energy and prevents us from moving forward and sharing our gifts with the world. When we remove clutter we create the life we choose, deserve & desire. In my work [...]