My Reality! Good or Bad?

We are talking about how I create my reality and you create your life. Do you blame others for problems in your life, even if it was years ago when something happened? How does our inner world show itself in our outer world reality? How can you become more aware of what you are manifesting? Let’s finish our month as we focus on getting clear this year in 2017.

Guest RJ Hodges joins us.

Certified life coach, author & award-winning professional organizer Julie Coraccio shares steps and tips to support you in creating the life you choose, deserve, and desire through decluttering your life, mindfulness, and how to organize your life.

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Today I’m clearing the clutter inside and out. We are talking about how we create our reality. Do you blame others for problems in your life? Even if it was years ago when something happened? How does our inner world show itself in our outer world reality? How can you become more aware of what you’re manifesting? Let’s finish our month as we focus on getting clear this year in 2017.

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Ready to clear your clutter and share your gifts with the world every Tuesday at 1pm. Join award winning professional organizer, author and certified Life Coach Julie Coraccio. On clearing the clutter inside and out, as she teaches you how to navigate the waters to declutter your life. Julie Coraccio destroys the box and examines clutter in all areas physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic relationships, health finances and more.

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Alright, everyone, I’m super excited about today’s topic because one of the biggest things I’ve had to learn in my life is that I create my reality now took me a while to learn that I was joking the other day with my coach and I said, hey, what if I have a personality conflict, right? That doesn’t have anything to do with me. And she was like, nice try. So no matter what we’re creating our reality, but the thing that is amazing about this is once we get it once we own it, once we figure it out, really, it’s a huge obstacle. It’s a huge amount of clutter out of your way. So I’m excited. We have a special guest for talking to today about this. And don’t be surprised as this subject comes up again in the podcasts because I think it is so essential that we learn this. So today I’m going to tell you about today’s guest.

RJ Hodges is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, certified personal mastery life coach, certified practitioner in the healing art of Reiki The creator of the coaching system life, living in full existence education. He’s a best selling co author of missional unstoppable. He is also the author of you can’t practice at the game, the art of mastering you Volume One and an audio book series called winner status. Welcome, RJ.

RJ Hodges 2:18
Thank you so much. It’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you for having me.

Julie Coraccio 2:21
And RJ is a total rock star because we had some technical difficulties. He came to save the day we’re doing a no new program for me. So that’s how we work for you here. So RJ, let’s get started. Let’s talk about inner clutter. What do you consider inner clutter? You know that that’s a

RJ Hodges 2:37
question that I’ve been asked before and I thought about it because I’ve heard it explained in different ways. But for me, inner clutter is anything that is choking the life force, anything that’s choking that inner guidance system, and I want to kind of explain that because I want to make sure that people you know truly understand where I’m coming from and, and here’s how I put it it’s gonna be a long show. story. But if we think about this physical body that we live in, it’s intelligent, we I think we all would agree, this physical body pretty much works on its own. There are scientists that still don’t understand how certain things about this physical body function. So basically, when we’re born, it’s designed to work in an intelligent, specific way until we interrupt the system. So until we start putting, you know, McDonald’s and fast foods and bad air and bad water until we start putting those things in ourselves, this physical body is designed to do a certain thing, we interrupt it, so it starts to go live, if you will. Now, here’s the best way I can explain the inner you. And when we can do this together for all of the audience. So when I count to three, I want you to say the word great, but I don’t want you to move your mouth. I don’t want you to verbalize it. I just want you to internally say the word great. I’m going to do it too. So on 3123 So now if the audience if you did that with us, you just said, Great. And here’s the funny thing. You heard yourself say, great, right? Mm hmm. But you didn’t speak anything. Which means that the physical part of you had nothing to do with that, that lets you know that there is an inner part of you. There is an inward you know, person or spirit or innate intelligence living in you. And I truly believe that that innate intelligence is designed to guide us into the perfect path that we’re supposed to be in. Here’s where the inner critic comes in. That is working perfectly until we start to bombard that system with worrying and bills and frustrations and cares and fears and oh my god, what ifs and oh my toe hurt, so it must be to cancer and you know, all of these things that just kind of bombard us to me. That is the inner clutter which goes back to is anything that is choking, the essence and the life force of that guidance system.

Julie Coraccio 5:08
Excellent. I love that. I’ve never heard it described that way. So thank you. I thought that was really helpful. So how we’ve got or lifeforce being choked out and creating inner clutter. How is that manifesting in our outer world? What’s going on then?

RJ Hodges 5:21
Well, I mean, think about it, whatever it is that you’re having internally. So let’s give that a name. Let’s talk about your thoughts. So if you’re having inner thoughts, and those thoughts are not in line with the things that you want, then that’s shaping your perception is shaping the way you see things in this outer world. And we only operate based on how we see things. So you either operate based on your fears you operate based on how far you’re willing to go. So a lot of times that inner clutter is dictating your actions. So it’s this telling how you manifest things. So in other words, if I’m fearful to start a business, if that’s the inner clutter that’s going on in my mind, and those are the thoughts, I’m going to manifest none business ownership, you know, right. Yeah, I’m gonna keep working a job that I hate. But I’m not going to step out and try to start a business because the inner clutter only allows me to see that business ownership is difficult. It’s impossible. No one like me could ever start something like that. That’s that inner clutter talking. And because of that, you now manifest what the inner clutter is now directing you to do it yeah, yeah. But that’s to me, if we’re if we’re honest with ourselves, and we kind of look at why do I do the things that I do every single day? I guarantee if you’re unless you can go back and you can find a thought, or a belief or a worry or a fear that supports the thing. That you don’t do it supports the manifestations that you have. So those that inner clutter is just the way we see and it it prompts us to do and we bring about the manifestation into our own work.

Julie Coraccio 7:14
I want to share a quick story with you because I’m this is so important so one of my biggest fears as a small business owner is that I’m going to get slammed on rightfully so on social media and sometimes you can respond to that and sometimes you can’t so true story and you know, I don’t when RJ and I first I always interview people to see if I want to have them on a show and we had a great conversation because that tells me if it’s someone on the same wavelength as me so someone hadn’t even hired me and we’ve set an appointment and I said you know I need your address. You know, you haven’t confirmed the appointment, so I’m going to cancel the appointment went off on me said she was going to destroy me on social media. Now, the good news was this was a huge fear but I kept with it. I felt all the emotions and for about 60 seconds, two minutes, I was stressed out Then I released it. And so I, instead of putting down the emotion and getting caught and worrying fear, I let all that come up. I said, Okay, that’s my fear. And then I took action. And I said, Okay, I’m gonna contact two people who I know. I mean, I know a good amount about social media, but two people who can support me and one was like, You know what, I don’t think she’s going to do anything. And here’s why. And he actually ended up being right. And I talked to my other friend and he said, she said, Okay, here’s our plan of action happens, our first offense and then this is the second offense. And and so then I felt better and I let it go. And I only obsessed a little bit because you know, I’m not perfect. So I would go back to it throughout the day, and I survived it, but I did a plan of action. And so that was a good thing because this had been on my mind for so long, and then it ended up not happening and you know, I looked at it as a gift to something coming up to be able to be released, right? That’s a perfect example how I created my reality because I worried about it. Yeah.

RJ Hodges 8:54
And but but watch how your results came because at some point, you changed your mind about it. You said I only stressed about it for two, you know, two minutes or so after that you said, I’m not going to let this happen. And in the moment that you said, You’re not going to let this happen, you shifted. So now when you shift it, you aligned yourself with a different outcome. Now, if you had a state in that stress, oh my gosh, he’s gonna destroy me. How am I gonna? How am I gonna bounce back from this, you would have aligned yourself with you being destroyed on social media, and you would help to bring about that manifestation of you being destroyed. But the moment you snapped and said, I’m not gonna let this person do this to me. Let me figure out what course of action I had to take. You shifted your internal, therefore you manifested something different in your x term.

Julie Coraccio 9:45
Excellent. Thank you because I hadn’t made that connection.

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Julie Coraccio 10:15
When we become become more aware, because you know, you and I are common conversations, I know enough that I do this work constantly. But for someone who might be new to how do we begin to recognize, okay, this is my inner clutter, and it’s really how do we start?

RJ Hodges 10:31
You know, this is a question that I had all types of technical answers for four years, you know, and I didn’t even make sense to me, but it sounded good. They sounded good. And I, for years, I tried to figure out Give me something simple. How do I know that I’m cluttered inwardly? And here’s a very simple thing. Pay attention to your feelings as to how you feel simply just pay attention to how you feel when you think about a subject matter. How do you feel about it? I had, I was going to coach session the other day, and I was talking to a lady about relationships, and she was saying, you know, RJ I don’t need a relationship in my life perfectly fine. And she’s been, she’s been in several relationships that did not, you know, work out the way she wanted them to work out. Um, and I stopped there. And I said, Do me a favor. So take a deep breath, took a deep breath. And I said, I want you to say the word relationship. And I want you to immediately just pay attention to how you feel about that word. And she said, while I feel anxiety, I feel fear. I said, That’s how you know you have inward clutter when it comes to relationships. Because however we feel about a thing, our feelings, that’s another part of that guidance system. So always ask people, are you really happy? You know, if you’re not just happy just to be alive and breathing? Then you got to ask yourself, what is it that’s causing you to feel this way and I guarantee you that feeling is attached to some type of clutter. So how do you become aware, pay attention to yourself Feelings if you’re depressed, if you’re sad, if you’re just, you know, not joyful in any kind of way, the biggest thing is when things are not even going bad in your life and you still don’t feel, you know, happy or you still don’t feel joyful. You got to say, Wow, my feelings are trying to tell me that there’s something going on with me there is some and I relate clutter to information. Okay, you know, because somebody asked me one day they said, RJ, what is fear? And I said, fears, just information. They go, what I go, yeah, fear is simple information. Perfect example. I had two nephews while I still have nephews, but when they were younger, um, one was four and one was six. So let’s just say the one that was six. He knew all about snakes. He knew they were dangerous, they were poisonous, they bite you, you die. He know he knows all that fear and that information dictates his actions. it dictates what he will and won’t do. Now the four year old, he hadn’t gotten around to that information, yet. So he’ll go grab a snake he might eat, you know, he’ll bring you a snake and and hand it to you here you go, it’s a snake, it’s a present because he doesn’t have the information that snakes a dangerous and they’re poisonous and they kill people. So a lot of times in our clutter, that that those feelings are telling us we have some information on whatever that subject matter is that is not in favor of what we want. And that’s how we create that awareness. Wait a minute, I feel a certain way relationships over money over feel, you know, I feel some you know, whenever somebody talks about money, if you start to cringe, chances are that’s your awareness saying you have some clutter or some not so good information surrounding money. And you got to change that. You have to change it immediately because you’re only going to produce and manifest that which you have the information on, because you’re going to act in that way.

Julie Coraccio 13:55
I love that because you know, when I started my own business, I was in an awful job which I’m grateful for every day If they hadn’t been so crappy to me, I don’t know if I would have ever gotten over the fear to take that big leap. But I have to tell you looking back, there was so much I didn’t know so much. I didn’t plan, however, because I didn’t know that information in your language. That was a good thing. Because I think especially how my I’m a very intuitive side, but I’ve a very analytical side, I think I would have my analytical side would have gone nuts, and we can’t do this. And so I love that connection with information clutter. Now, this is an important question. Why don’t we own that we, that we don’t create our reality because I’m looking around on social media and I’m gonna have to take a break soon because there’s this big disconnect of that. You know, I hear it’s Obama’s fault. I hear it’s Bush’s fault. I’m like, Hey, you know, good luck with the new president because y’all gonna blame this time? And

RJ Hodges 14:54
yeah, where’s this disconnect for us coming in? Um,

this might be a long short answer again. But But to start that, I want to say I think we don’t own that, because it’s not an easy thing to own. That’s first and foremost, it’s not. It’s not easy to own. But on the back end of that the whole thing about you create your reality. I think it’s not easy to own because it hasn’t been properly explained correctly. That’s, that’s number one. Because I’ve heard people tell people that have cancer, the kids have died, you know, you create your own reality. I have a difference of opinion than that. I think things happen. You know, things happen to people regardless. And there may be some things in there, but I think the perception has to be is that you have to start asking yourself, how do I either correspond or contradict with my current reality? One of the things that I’m always on top of my clients about is, number one, what do you want? Because you’re going to create your own reality. So what do you want? And when you identify what do you want The next thing is do you mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally correspond with that thing? Or do you mentally, spiritually and emotionally physically contradict that thing? Here’s a funny story. I tell it all the time. People love it. I’m working with a client. I’m on the phone with her. And she’s telling me RJ this year, I’m going to get my health together. I’m going to lose weight. I’m going to get in shape. You know, I’m going to I’m going to get this whole thing under control. We’re on the phone and she says, Wait a minute. Wait, hold on, RJ. Now let me get a number six with cheese. And I’m, I’m I’m like, Wait, what? Like kids Candy. Candy. I’m having I’m having I’m dreaming, right? I’m having a nightmare. This can’t be so I yell. I’m like, What? What are you you know, at least put me on mute. Respect me. To mute it out. She didn’t do that. I said, What are you doing? And she goes, huh? And it was almost like she didn’t understand. And it hit me right there. Wow. Now this is something we need a perspective on because most of us We know what we want. But we are the direct opposite of that either mentally, spiritually, emotionally or physically. Now, when it comes to how do we create our own reality and our role in it, I like to look at it from that standpoint, because there are some things that have happened in life that you can identify mentally, spiritually, physically or emotionally, how you were contradicted a contradiction to it, and how you played a role not to say that you wasn’t but I think sometimes when we just tell people you created that it’s such a it’s such a turnout.

Julie Coraccio 17:34
Well, if it’s if it’s a really thing, like you’re talking about cancer to a child, I mean, again, my spiritual perspective is, which I know not I believe in past lives and reincarnation. So to me, all of those factors play into that and I know that not everyone, that they have that thinking so of course I love that you’re clarifying that so thank you.

RJ Hodges 17:53
Yeah, you know, and not to because I’ve heard people tell people that over the years and I’m like, that doesn’t that doesn’t seem right to me like You can’t, you can’t tell a person that because now a person is feeling like, Oh, I attract this, right? You know, and the law of attraction is a lot more than just I wanted it comes to me it’s a very deep principle that governs the universe. And nobody kind of explains in depth, we just put it in the movie and tell everybody and make billions of dollars off of it. And people just run around and go if I think it, I can have it if I think I can have it not really understand. You know? Yeah, so I think I think it’s more so getting people to understand first and foremost, just to be in line, you know, correspond with the things that you want, what is it if you want more money in your life, the first thing you got to ask yourself is, am I properly governing myself with the money that I have, and not spending more than I bring in? That’s simple correspondence. That’s because if you make, you know, $80,000 a year, but you’re spending 89, then that’s a simple thing of why you don’t have money. It’s no it’s really nothing spiritual in that. It’s just that You’re contradiction to it, you’re not corresponding, you may need to sell some stuff, get a smaller house, get a cheaper car, whatever the case may be. But if you correspond, you also play a direct role in creating the reality that you want. And to me, that’s kind of a beginner step to make it simple. Because when you get real deep on it, they don’t understand they disconnect from it, they walk away, and they end up creating a bad reality, not understanding that it’s very simple things that you’re doing every single day are just the opposite of what you want.

Julie Coraccio 19:32
I love that. That is a fantastic, fantastic explanation. I’m going to ask you in a moment about action steps, but is there any final thoughts that you have? You want to make sure that you share with the audience that I haven’t asked a question about?

RJ Hodges 19:44
Oh, just pay attention to to fear you know, pay attention to the things that you are what if thing over and over again, in your mind, because a lot of times, what we’re doing is we’re pre playing things that haven’t even happened yet. You know, say if you’re going to pre play, why not? What if in the positive, I have to stop myself now and I fight with myself to do this when I start What if and I started saying, Well, what if it goes right? What if What if, instead of selling 3000 books I sell 3500 Wow, what would that be like? Instead of saying, Man, what if I only sell 100? You know, because we’re programmed to what if in that negative, so why not what if in the positive by not start to change your essence and your being and get the clutter away so that inner guidance system can lead you to the best because just like this physical body was designed to function in the utmost perfection ever. You were designed to live a life that way. So allow it to lead you to the best not to the worst.

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Julie Coraccio 21:15
RJ you just made my day because I am gonna put a book out I’ve written some books, but I’m going to put it out on Amazon. But but that fear came up like oh my gosh, what if I’m criticized? Well, let’s be honest. Um, someone’s not gonna like it because you

can’t, you know,

be here. But look at all that everyone else that’s following you loves you now don’t submit that reminder not focus on that now. One of the things I switched it up this year because I’m wild and crazy. podcast we’re gonna I want three action items. Okay, take away from today’s podcast. So what are your action items to share with everyone through action items? Okay,

RJ Hodges 21:49
I got a ton of them. But let’s do. Number one learn to say no. You got to create a level of internal peace within your life in order to get this guidance system and its clutter away from you. A lot of times we’re agreeing with and we’re going with things that aren’t making us happy if you’re doing things that are making you not feel happy people are bombarding you with their schedules. You don’t want to do it learn to say no. Sometimes just a simple No, I’m not going to be involved in that. No, I’m not coming over here today. Thanksgiving holiday is coming up. Some people have been invited to 30 houses me included. I’m not gonna make them up. No, no, just say no, because I’m not gonna stress myself out. And a lot of times, the extra overwhelming of ourselves clutters the inside of us as well. So learn to say no. The other thing is very important is to turn off outside stimulation. Sometimes, I truly believe in meditation. So I always tell people, you know, I teach this thing to my clients that I call order an organization. And I always say when your eyes open in the morning, the first thing you need to do is ground yourself. Get in some place of peace before, you know you get off to the races and you gotta, you know, do all of this stuff. Take a minute, two minutes Take Take a minute to turn off the outside stimuli. What I just talked about the information in the fear, a lot of times it’s coming because we’re always on these timelines. We’re reading everybody’s drama and everybody’s hardships and all this stuff. And it’s bombarding us. So sometimes we’re inviting the clutter by not just turning off the outside stimuli, and learning how to hear that inner spirit and that inner voice, just like when you said the word great, and you heard it clearly within yourself. I think that voice is talking all the time. A lot of times, we can’t hear it because there’s so much other stuff that we’re putting in that’s talking on top of it. So turn off the outside stimuli. And then last but not least, align yourself with what you want, versus what you don’t want. People go well, how do I do that? Very simple. Identify what you want, and only pay attention to that. I always tell people, I don’t pay attention to take in spend time with anything that does not pertain to what I want. I was writing My book and I talked to a lady. She’s a self publisher, she told me RJ, you may want to do something else, because you know, books aren’t selling the way they used to your publisher. So I said, Okay, well, thank you, ma’am. And talk to you later. And I hung up the phone, and I called a mentor of mine who’s a best selling author. And he said, RJ finished writing your book. I sold 15,000 books last week. So see, I need to be in line with him. I need to be aligned with that information. What we often do is we want one thing but we’re in line with totally different information. You want a great relationship but all of your friends before they say no relationships are gonna work out here that you know, no, there are no good men. There are no good women, they’re no good anything. And you’re in line with that information, but you want something opposite. It’s never going to happen. Stay in line on what you want and run from reject the information of the thing that you don’t want. That will be my my three primary action steps.

Julie Coraccio 24:57
Those are awesome. And thank you. I know it was hard to narrow down A thread. We’re trying to keep it for people to get out there and do something. So RJ, please share how people can find out more information about your books. Where can they where can they find you?

RJ Hodges 25:10
You can find me at my website is RJ Hodges speaks calm, you can also find me at all social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of that stuff and RJ Hodges speaks and if I can, I can give away something for your audience if that’s okay,

Julie Coraccio 25:24
you Hey, go for it.

RJ Hodges 25:26
People love for Me too. I love I love when I see a giveaway. So all of you guys is listening. If you get in contact with me, find me on social media or you email me at RJ Hodges I’ll give you a free 20 minute coaching consultation. All that means is that we’ll get on Skype or zoom or something and I’ll find out who you are, where you’re trying to be. And I’ll give you some tips on how you can get there. Personally some very specific stuff that’s designed for you.

Julie Coraccio 25:52
Wow, that’s very generous. We appreciate well thank you RJ This was was fantastic. And I’m so glad that you pursued me and kept up with And this is a perfect, good way to end our month on on creating a new getting clear on the year. So thank you.

RJ Hodges 26:07
Thank you for having me.

Julie Coraccio 26:09
All right everyone we’re gonna want to tune in next month it’s a month of love. So here how I’m talking about clutter and love. All right, go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire.

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