Today’s episode, 12 Ways to Be a Nicer Person was Inspired because I think we as a nation, and I will just speak for the US, need to be more kind. I know I have listeners and viewers from all over.  See it on social media on a daily basis. We can’t be kind or civil anymore.

Tips for Being Kinder

I was at the grocery store and saw a woman helping an elderly woman who had dropped something. I told her that was kind of her and I felt we had lost that as a nation. We then had a chat about how we need to be nicer and more kind.

Take actions from today’s podcast on 12 ways to be a nicer person:

  • Observe how you treat yourself. Are you kind? Is there an area where you seem to focus your unkindness.
  • Create a plan to be more kind to yourself.
  • Notice where or not you are kind to others?
  • Examine your motivations for being kind. Are they genuine or do you have a hidden motivation or fear?
  • Create a plan to be kind to others.
  • Be kind!

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