How to Find Love & Attract the Love You Desire

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How to Find Love & Attract the Love You Desire


Our latest THRIVE! event has been posted!  This is the inaugural online workshop event!  The body, mind & spirit workshop will be live streaming and you can chat, call or Skype in classes like you were there in person!

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“I am in a loving romantic relationship” “My friendships sustain and support me.” “I attract caring people in all areas of my life.” “I love myself!” “I am at peace with all my past relationships.” YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE ALONE! The most natural, most abundant, most energetic and empowering emotion and human and spiritual need is LOVE. It is what we are made of and where we come from. Yet, it is the most difficult thing to come by today.  MANY OF US ARE FAMILIAR WITH HOW TO FIND LOVE & LOVE OURSELVES, YET WE FAIL TO SEE IT AT WORK IN OUR LIVES. Learn how in this workshop.


Join our four FINDING LOVE experts, who have helped thousands enhance the quality of their lives by teaching them how to unblock what is causing lack of love. During this program, they will share their expertise and insights on how you can discover, reconnect, and create the love and loving relationships you want and deserve.


Jessica Sabatini, Relationship & Dating Coach, says that because the dating game has changed so dramatically, it requires a new approach to find an authentic, lasting, loving relationship.  You may have created an empowered vision of what you want, but the dating process can pull on your heart strings and toss you about, so you don’t know which way is up.  Learn how to set the right tone for your dates, end any power struggles, enjoy being yourself while connecting with someone new, and figure out if this one is worth exploring further.  After all, real love is out there.  Why settle for less?  Specifically, you will learn: what to do while you’re getting ready for a date that can set the tone before you even get there; what to be doing on the date to figure out whether or not there is a connection there worth exploring; how to protect yourself from opening up too much and yet being real at the same time; why being the real you can actually accelerate you on your path to finding real love; and how to enjoy connecting on an authentic level.


Life Coach Crissy Keye states, “Our mentality about love has just as much, if not more, to do with finding and attracting it into our lives than how we present ourselves physically or the actions we take.” Crissy will teach how to adopt a Love Mentality.  Discover how a simple perspective shift about love allows you to open the flood gates of love into your life regardless if you are looking to heal past wounds created by former loved ones, embracing and accepting the current loved ones in your life, or seeking to attract a new love into your life.


Reiki Master Joy Haynie Ayscue shares, “The Law of Attraction, simplified, is that you attract what you ARE…which is not necessarily what you really want!” Joy will share three simple practices that will empower you in aligning your personal energy field with your heart’s true desires.


Light Energy Channel and Soul Awakening & AscensionGuide Lisa “Transcendence” Brown will show you how to tap into higher guidance to access what we innately already know and have yet to trust. With guidance to find our own answers, we learn how to move more quickly though clearing out lower vibrational influences and limiting thought patterns that no longer serve a purpose. Gain new perspectives, understand how our thoughts are a “choice”, find answers to the confusing new realization of “I am here for a purpose, but just don’t understand”. A heightened awareness allows us to find our own truth and inner peace. You will learn how to hear & feel truth, to detect your own vibrational frequencies and what you are attracting to you, to allow your Higher Self to guide you in matters of the “heart”, Soul Relationships, Karmic Lessons & Contracts & Agreements for the purpose of healing and more!


Even if you have love in your life, you will gain even more wisdom and techniques to keep you there and take you beyond! So, join us!

Our Panel of Experts include:

Joy Ayscue ( has a B.S. in Psychology, is an intuitive healer, spiritual guide, coach and teacher,  Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner/eternal student, yoga and meditation instructor, artist, writer, wife and mother, among other things. Her favorite pastime is gathering evidence of the Power of LOVE to heal, make whole, create and grow.  In addition to her private practice, she is the co-founder of The Conscious Healing Initiative and Wake For Consciousness: Sacred Realms and the non-profit SHINE!


Crissy Keye,LMBT,(  is a Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist, Intrinsic Life Coach©, Nutritional Cleanse Coach, Spiritual Guide, and owner of Holistic Restoration, where the focus is on Creating Balance and Transforming Lives. With over a decade experience in the Holistic wellness, and a commitment to assisting you discover your purpose, passion and peace by teaching you how to unlock your physical, emotional and spiritual potential, Crissy offers a practical approach to creating authentic lasting change in every area of your life as you journey to Self-Love, and create a life that makes your heart sing.


Jessica Sabatini ( is a Relationship & Dating Coach with Finding My Real Love.  She is the for-real, down-to-earth, funny, fun and wise go-to woman for do-able, tried- and-true relationship advice. Her insights are candid and solid (often hilarious), yet always bursting with positive energy, providing practical advice that is sure to activate and inspire.   Jessica’s got a passion for helping REAL women find REAL love in the REAL world.


Lisa Transcendence Brown ( ) is a Light Energy Channel and Soul Awakening & Ascension Guide sharing healing through love, compassion & kindness. She simplifies and teaches alternative spiritual tools & methods in expediting one’s own personal awakening journey through workshops, classes & personal sessions. Each Soul journey is unique and special. She facilitates healing as an intuitive spiritual mentor and by clearing/releasing blockages in the elevating & tuning the frequencies of the energetic Soul/LightBody.

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