Consciousness Raising in 2014

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Consciousness Raising in 2014


Judith Kusel will be our first guest in 2014.  Her interview:  


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To be conscious or not is an profound sense of awareness which is something that is awakened from deep within.  An expanded consciousness is more than just that personal awareness – it spans all dimensions, time and space and moves into a type of cosmic awareness, which truly is infinite.

When one enters the realms of the cosmic Super-consciousness fields, then one is able to tap into the cosmic awareness energy fields, which truly is awesome.  It is there that one experiences AT-ONE-NESS and one is part and particle of all and everything.  There are no limits, there are no boundaries – this is the infinite core consciousness where all energies have a vibrational frequency, and all move into one vast consciousness field which is ever conscious of itself. 

It is the Divine consciousness which experiences life in all its myriad of expression through all life and life forms – thus is infinitely forever re-creating itself.


Let us first of all look at how the dictionary defines the word: “consciousness”


[kon-shuhs-nis] Show IPA



the state of being conscious; awareness of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings,etc.


the thoughts and feelings, collectively, of an individual or of an aggregate of people: the moralconsciousness of a nation.


full activity of the mind and senses, as in waking life: to regain consciousness after fainting.


awareness of something for what it is; internal knowledge: consciousness of wrongdoing.


concern, interest, or acute awareness: class consciousness.


If consciousness has to do with a state of awareness, then it a higher sense it means AWARENESS – one is not going through life like a moron, or robot, but one is in a state of awareness, sensing, feeling, being, every single breathing moment that you are on planet earth becomes something profoundly sacred and special.  It is a state where one is so infused and uplifted into a higher state of Being, that one expresses and radiates out the state of Being to all whom one encounters.

Think of how saints or angels are always painting with a bubble of light around them, or a halo on their heads.  The more conscious we are, the more we are shining and radiating – literally.

The lower the consciousness level of all living things, the denser and slower the vibration.  Thus if your consciousness level is under 200, you are just intent on how to survive physically- that is all you are aware of.  This is the level where one eats, sleeps, survive.  Life is a constant struggle.  It is here where feelings of anger, resentment, rage, frustration, fear, etc. reigns.  One is therefore not even able to be conscious of anything else but to have food on your table, a roof over your head and some kind of shelter to sleep in.

Other people might have all of this, but they live their lives like robots – literally the feelings somehow left them.  There comes a state of apathy – of not caring anymore if one is dead or alive.  Life has lost all sense of meaning, of wonder and awe.  Some literally try to drug themselves out of existence.  Fear sets in – the fear of just stepping out of this self-imposed prison, the fear of feeling again, the fear of getting hurt, and the fear of losing one’s job – even if one is enslaved in such job, or even enslaved and abused in a relationship.

The more conscious one becomes, the more one starts feeling again.  One starts trusting that deep inner feeling, one is listening to that still  wise voice within, and one starts living from the heart.  That means, one is doing what one loves doing, and one is enjoying every single moment of being alive.  The feelings themselves have been carefully sifted through.

I am just for a moment pausing here:  all stuck emotions of the lower consciousness, like anger, fear, etc. vibrate at a very slow pace – thus then start clogging up the energy systems in our bodies.  This is where dis-ease happens, for this dense energy literally clogs up our physical engines – our bodies and then makes us more sluggish and this in turn pulls us down and our consciousness levels as well.  The more we work through all of these stuck emotions and release them, the lighter we become, the vaster and higher our energy systems start spinning.

When we are conscious of this, we will immediately start making work of the emotions which pull us down and then truly see that we make time for meditation, for walking in nature, or start consciously reconnecting with our heart and souls.

Every now and again a window, or cosmic portal opens up which allows our energy fields to spin faster and faster, and this brings a profound change in the human consciousness.  For 72 000 years, the whole planet was submerged in a type of dense cloud, which came about with the fall of Atlantis, when a faction of this great civilization destroyed it by their using of mind control and implanting mind control boxes into most of the population.  They misused their powers and then set out to pull the whole civilization down into the lowest realms of consciousness.

Since the harmonic convergence of 1994, and the next one opening up in 2012 -14, we are now being cleansed and purified of these denser energies.  Another factor has been the mass incarnation since 1950’s of Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and sun children from other galaxies and star systems, who have come in en masse, to help raise the frequencies and vibrations of this planet.  In essence this means that they, when they are fully awakened and not fall asleep, by just being here are transmitting frequencies of light and thus helping to bring about a massive shift in consciousness.  The more conscious they are – the more they are assisting mankind to ascend into the much higher state of Being….

The 5th dimensional state is now already here because of that but not all are able to consciously FEEL this state yet, because they are unaware.  Some are still so stuck in a survival more of the 3D and lowest consciousness that they are stuck there.

The shift then, since the 1994, has been to the heart energies.  As man had partaken in the Age of Reason, and has often created from that mind destructive things like war, now the shift is distinctively to the 500 degree of consciousness where the individual is learning to get into their hearts – their FEELINGs and thus into the higher frequency bands and state of LOVE.

What has intensely shited here is the consciousness that when one creates from the heart and then engages the mind one cannot create what is out of synch with the greater cosmic whole – one can only create what is in greater harmony with all the rest of creation.  That is when one reaches the co-creator state which then is totally formed in the 7th dimensional state.

This is a major shift – for if one is conscious of the heart, then the heart energies connect to the greater heart of the cosmic whole, and then the earth heart.  This in essence is then the feminine face or body of the Divine.  It is the nurturing, compassionate heart that embraces whatever it touches with love.  It creates with love and thus whatever is infused with love and loving energies, becomes a blessing to the greater whole.

One cannot create anything anymore, which is not for the greater good of the planet – what one creates honors the heart and soul in oneself and the rest of creation.  It creates in harmony with the cosmic laws and the Divine.

Essentially , then 2014, is about this tremendous cosmic portal truly opening up our heart space, our heart energies, and then changing our deepest feelings and perceptions and bringing all of this in higher alignment to the cosmic heart and whole.

More than this, it is bringing in the empowerment at soul level – that living from the heart and soul.  As more the people start experiencing this greater state of consciousness, they start pulling the rest up.  Like one candle ignites others, it has the same effect.

The more of inner work we do in releasing stuck emotions, in releasing low and dense energies from our energy fields, the more we live in and from the heart, the more our own consciousness levels rise.

Essentially we are all energy fields and when we become more and more activated, our energy fields expand and spin faster, and thus it creates a vortex like energy field which pulls up into higher levels of vibration.  This in turn makes our whole consciousness rise and with it we begin to tune more and more in the cosmic state of Being – the truth and beauty and perfection of our own souls and that of our Creator.

The new 6th Root Race is being created right now and within us too.  This is crystalline in form and therefore is a conduit for these higher energies.  It thus is enabling us to absorb higher frequencies of love and light, and is thus enabling us now to become powerful transmitters for the cosmic energy fields.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all create and live from our heart, with purity, authenticity and with inspiration?  We would all shine in our own beautiful and unique way and we would allow others to do the same.

True higher consciousness is the state of pure Love.

Love truly is all there is – all else is illusion.





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