Mastermind to Declutter Your Life

Declutter Your Life: Are You Ready? Is your space crammed with physical clutter? Do you experience anxiety or stress as mental clutter? How well do you take care of yourself? Would you love to [...]


5 Tips for Clutter Awareness Week

Happy Clutter Awareness Week! While it is great that there is a national week, devoted to being aware of your clutter, I believe we should be aware of our clutter on a much more regular basis. [...]


Selfish: Why it Can Be a Good Thing

First, I want to be clear on the bad selfish and what I am NOT talking about today. I am talking about when we are good to ourselves but being bad to others. If you don’t listen to people, eat [...]


Awareness: Physical Clutter

What is the majority of your physical clutter? Where does your clutter seem to gather and grow? What is your clutter kryptonite? This month’s bonus focuses on building your awareness about [...]


Get Organized & Clear Clutter 2018

  Do you keep saying you’ll get organized someday, but someday never comes? Are you overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted by your clutter? Would you like to save time and money while reducing [...]


Essential Oils for Wellness

Essential oils! I am a huge fan of essential oils.  The more I learn and use them, the more excited I get.  In this interview, learn tips on how essential oils can support you in decluttering [...]