239: The Glass is Overflowing

Optimist or pessimist? Are you an optimist or pessimist? Do you know why you always see the glass as half empty? What are the benefits of being an optimist? Learn tips to become more optimistic. [...]


244: Creating A Sacred Space

Would you like to create a space that brings you peace and joy? Why is it important to have a sacred space? Are you not sure where or what to put in your sacred space? Learn how to create a [...]



AWARENESS MAY Why do we sometimes cruise along in life? Is your automatic response yes, when you really would like to say no? How can we get off autopilot? Learn how to get off autopilot. [...]


238: The Biology of Belief

What is the biology of belief? What is really controlling DNA? How are our positive and negative thoughts influencing our biology? What is epigenetics? Learn more about the biology of belief and [...]


236: Be the Change You Wish to See

Does the thought of change put you into a sweat? Would you rather get a root canal than interrupt your life with something new? Ready to face a change head on? Learn how to better roll with [...]


234: Got Ikigai?

What’s your reason for getting up in the morning? Why is curiosity an important component of Ikigai? How can you explore your reason for being? Learn tips to discover your Ikigai. Certified [...]