DIY Home Organization & Decluttering

Organizing your home and letting go of clutter but prefer to do it yourself–DIY Home Organization?  Are you motivated to release clutter and finally get your home organized, but need guidance?  Do you have an idea of how to organize and declutter, but know a game plan would be helpful?

With our DIY Home Organization & Decluttering Plan, you receive a detailed, comprehensive assessment via email.  The answers and details you provide help Julie create a customized plan for you.  Every plan is different as every person in different in their needs to get organized and declutter their home. Once you complete the questionnaire and return, Julie creates a customized, step-by-step plan for you to organize your home and release clutter!  She addresses all areas of clutter: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. In her experience as a professional organizer, Julie has found that clearing clutter is an important first step for getting organized. Julie also answers anything that needs clarification.

The assessment includes questions about your personality, your current situation, challenges and strengths as well as specific questions about organization and decluttering. Julie recommends filling out as much as possible as well as answering honestly.  There is no need to be ashamed or embarrassed; many times people wait so long to find support because they feel bad about how disorganized and/or cluttered their home has become.  All reports are confidential and Julie’s approach is non judgmental.  She suggests focusing on the fact that you are taking that first step to become organized and release clutter, not the fact that you have clutter and/or are disorganized!

If you’re ready to declutter and get your home organized for more peace, joy and productivity, get started with our DIY Home Organization & Decluttering Plan!


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