Our next masterminds, Back to School & Declutter Your Life, coming in September!


Only 56!

The event includes:

  • an mp3 of my 3+-hour class:  Spring Cleaning
  • 30 days Facebook support with daily tips and questions answered;
  • Two 90-minute live coaching sessions Ask a Professional Organizer Office Hours.


Ask a Professional Organizer Office Hours (Value $318)

The private group will also include 2 90-minute group coaching sessions / to be held:

Saturday, April 21st from NOON to 1:30 PM US EST


Sunday, May 6th , from 4:00 to 5:30 PM US EST

30 Day Private Facebook Group Support (Value $197)

This mastermind for decluttering your life will include daily posts from Julie, interactions and answering your questions. I may pop on for some live chats, too.  The group will be open for 45 days after the daily support ends for people to review materials, etc.

Spring Cleaning  Class Mp3s (Value $49)

Clearing Clutter

Section 2: Spring Cleaning

Section 3: Physical: Junk Drawer

Section 4: Mental: Unplugging

Section 5: Emotional: Saying No

Section 6: Spiritual: Gossip

Section 7: Feeling Energy


Get Organized

Section 8: Getting Started

Section 9: Supplies

Section 10: Categorizing & Purging

Section 11: Finding A Home

Section 12: Containers

Section 13: Maintaining

Section 14: Common Mistakes

Section 15: Living with a Disorganized person

Section 16: Working Together

Section 17: Keeping Motivated



Section 18: Kitchen

Section 19: Garage

Section 20: Attic

Section 21: Basement

Section 22: Closet

Section 23: Bathroom

Section 24: Bedroom

Section 25: Living Room

Section 26: Kids Rooms


Green Tips

Section 27: Julie’s 7 R’s

Section 28: Repurposing

Section 29: Laundry

Section 30: Paperwork

Section 31: Family Calendar

Section 32: Apps

Section 33: Gifts

Section 34: Kitchen

Section 35: Organizing Tips

Section 36: Cleaners


Section 37: Summary



Looking for a speaker for your next event? Call me at 919.559.3925 to set up a free 20-minute phone consultation to discuss how I can support your event with a dynamic presentation.

Your talk was AWESOME! Thank you so much for your time and advice. It was incredibly well received!

LexisNexis Women Connected exists to maximize the potential of women through mentoring, education, networking and leadership development. It enables women to build rewarding and sustainable careers, contribute to the success of the organization and make a positive impact on society. Acting as executive sponsor for this group in Raleigh has been incredibly rewarding. I have met so many incredible women – both internally and externally. Thank you so much, Julie Seibert Coraccio for your time and advice yesterday. You truly inspired me (and 100 of my closest friends) to DECLUTTER! Or at least to start the process!

Lacey Ford, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, LexisNexis Raleigh

Julie presented the March 2011 “Living Green” Lecture at Oglebay Institute (Wheeling, WV) entitled “Spring Into Action: Organizing your home in a green way” to a capacity crowd. Her Eco-Organization presentation appealed to a very broad demographic, and she kept the audience engaged with a number of hands-on and practical demonstrations. Everyone left the lecture with a list of specific actions they could accomplish and the background knowledge to understand why it was of such importance.

Additionally, Julie is very flexible and accommodating. Her professionalism ensured a successful program with ease in scheduling and organizing the logistics of travel, marketing and promotion, and meeting technology needs.

Eriks Janelsins, President of the Oglebay Foundation, Wheeling, WV

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