I love creating classes and workshops on decluttering, organization and mindfulness. There is nothing better than sharing with people how they can make their life easier and reduce their stress by becoming more organized, reducing clutter and becoming more mindful in their life. Some people mistakenly believe that you are either born organized or you aren’t. That isn’t true! Getting organized and clearing clutter is a skill that you can learn and will support you your entire life.

Newest Class: How to Declutter Your Life for Peace of Mind

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Back to School and How to Declutter Your Life Begin September 10th!


The class is broken down into the following sections. Watch or listen to any or all, at your own pace.

The class is over 3 hours, broken down into the following sections. Watch or listen to any or all, at your own pace.



How to Clear

Clutter Kryptonite


Post Holiday

Purse & Wallet


Releasing Physical Clutter

Junk drawer


Doing Something Differently

Past, Present or Future? Mindfulness Practice

The Just Because’s

When Life Throws a Curveball




Self Care Plan

Planning for Emotional Health

Forget That Stuff

What’s Your Baggage?


Feel Your Feelings


Golden Nugget




Life Inventory

Everyday Enlightenment



Feeling Energy

Clearing Your Space

Creating Space


Other People’s Energy


Honoring Your Truth

Negative People

Holiday Self Care

Saying No



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Get Organized! 2018

How to Get Organized, Reduce Stress and Stay Sane During the Holiday Season

Back to School to Reduce Stress, Get Organized, Achieve Success & Gain Peace of Mind

Spring Cleaning



I have created Home Organization and Declutter Your Life Classes that focus on decluttering, organization tips, and how to simplify your life! Each topic has a holistic view and touches on mental clutter, emotional clutter and spiritual clutter and energetic clutter in addition to physical clutter. If you’re interested in how to get organized, declutter your life, how to simplify your life and/or how to organize your life, check out our classes below!

Like my podcast, my classes and workshops are friendly and conversational. Each class also contains action items for you to implement once you have completed the class. I always allow time for Q & A so questions can get answered and clarify anything that might not have been understood.


Here is a sampling of classes I have created. I am always willing to customize a workshop or class for you.

A Successful School Year

Garages, Basements & Attics

Eco Organizing

Paper & Information Management

Declutter Your Life

Organizing for the Holidays

Home Organization 101

A Healthier You: How to Organize Your Kitchen

How to Downsize

Back to School Organization

Spring Cleaning

How to Organize Your Closet

Stress Free, Organized Moving

Got Office? Get Organized

Clearing Energetic Clutter

Contact me at julie@reawakenyourbrilliance.com or 919.559.3925 to learn how you can purchase a class or how I can create a workshop for your group or event. I am available to consult with you via Phone, FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts on Air.

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Julie is an excellent writer and incredibly organized. I had the profound honor of working along Julie’s side many years ago at Children’s Institute Inc., in Los Angeles. Julie was the grant writer and I managed the corporate relationships. We had the opportunity to collaborate on numerous projects and it was a true joy to work with her. I admire Julie’s moral compass immensely, she is a true champion for any cause she believes in. If Julie still lived in California, we’d hire her to organize our home in a minute. I hope to someday have the chance to work with Julie again; she is extremely trustworthy, dedicated and reliable — a real gem.

Wendy Santana, Long Beach, CA

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