How To Declutter Your Life Course

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Clutter is stuck, stagnant energy and prevents us from moving forward and sharing our gifts with the world. When we remove clutter we create the life we choose, deserve & desire.

In my work as a coach and professional organizer, I witnessed that when people cleared physical clutter, inner clutter (emotional, mental and spiritual) was also released. Likewise, when people removed inner clutter they began to release physical clutter. When we let go of what no longer serves us, we can call into our life what we choose, deserve and desire.

This workbook is a year long, 52-week course designed to support you in clearing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual clutter and learning how to declutter your life.  Some people might need the entire year (or more) while others may be able to finish more quickly.   It is designed to build your decluttering muscles and to go at your own pace.

To learn more about our How to Declutter Your Life Course, please visit our store.

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