Emergency: Are You Prepared To Handle What Comes Your Way?

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Emergency: Will You Be Ready?

When I lived in Los Angeles, I was prepared for the emergency of an earthquake because it was a real possibility.  Man made threats, natural disasters…there are many possible emergencies. With a little preparation you can be prepared and have peace of mind.

Take Actions from Today’s podcast:

  • Create an emergency checklist for your home, pets and car.
  • Build your ER kits and place where you can easily find.
  • Tape a list or index on kit or on phone so you know what is in there and if something needs to be replaced.
  • Check your kits every six months or before going on a trip to make sure nothing has expired;
  • Have a plan to calm your anxiety if in an ER. When something goes wrong, remember it is an opportunity to practice.


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