Do you have a wonderful employee who is always late because they can’t find their keys in the morning? Is there an employee whom you have lost confidence in because it looks like a tornado landed on their desk? Has your business lost a contract because an employee dropped the ball and didn’t get a proposal submitted on time?

I love presenting to businesses and supporting their employees in becoming more organized and clearing clutter. If they are disorganized and have a lot of clutter at home, there is a good chance they will bring those habits into the office. When your employees are better organized they can be more focused and more productive.

If your employees aren’t organized or have a lot of clutter in their lives, it could be affecting their performance and productivity at work. With my engaging presentations, they will learn easy to implement tips for both home and office to increase not only their efficiency, but also their peace of mind. When your employees are less stressed and organized, it positively affects their performance at work.

I have spoken to a wide variety of businesses on organizing and decluttering as well as conducting how to organize your life, home organization and simplify your life classes and workshops. I can customize my presentations to fit your needs. I always suggest including tips for home organization and decluttering as well as office organization tips because whatever is going on at home will affect your employee at work.

Listed below are a few examples of workshops I have presented:

-Paper & Information Management

– Back to School Organizing

– Organizing for Business

– Getting Organized for the Holidays

–Garages, Basements & Attics

– Got Office? Get Organized!

– How to Organize Your Life

– A Healthier You: How to Organize Your Kitchen

– Organizing for the New Year

-How to Downsize

– Organizing for Smart Moms

– Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Home & Being Green

– The Cost of Being Disorganized

– Declutter Your Life

-Home Organization 101

For your free 20 minute consultation to learn how I could support your employees in getting organized contact me at julie@reawakenyourbrilliance or 919.559.3925. I am available to consult with you via Phone, FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts on Air.

Presentations for Business Employees to Get Organized

Julie presented the March 2011 “Living Green” Lecture at Oglebay Institute (Wheeling, WV) entitled “Spring Into Action: Organizing your home in a green way” to a capacity crowd. Her Eco-Organization presentation appealed to a very broad demographic, and she kept the audience engaged with a number of hands-on and practical demonstrations. Everyone left the lecture with a list of specific actions they could accomplish and the background knowledge to understand why it was of such importance.

Additionally, Julie is very flexible and accommodating. Her professionalism ensured a successful program with ease in scheduling and organizing the logistics of travel, marketing and promotion, and meeting technology needs.

Eriks Janelsins, President of the Oglebay Foundation, Wheeling, WV

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