Selfish: Why it Can Be a Good Thing

First, I want to be clear on the bad selfish and what I am NOT talking about today. I am talking about when we are good to ourselves but being bad to others. If you don’t listen to people, eat [...]


Awareness: Physical Clutter

What is the majority of your physical clutter? Where does your clutter seem to gather and grow? What is your clutter kryptonite? This month’s bonus focuses on building your awareness about [...]


220: MissionStatement I AM Possible

What’s your mission in life? How do you write a personal mission statement? Why would you want to define your purpose? Learn tips to pen your mission statement. Certified life coach, author [...]


Creating A Mission Statement

I have talked a lot on this podcast about taking action, not sleepwalking through life and of course, clearing your clutter. A mission statement is one of those things that can guide you and help [...]

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