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Clearing the Clutter: Inside & Out

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You were put on this earth to thrive, not survive, because you are “perfect” the way you are. To live the brilliant life you were meant to, you must heal, nurture and love yourself. Body, mind and spirit experts will present keys to help you unlock your potential. What keys will you discover? Host Julie Seibert talks with a variety of experts to show you alternatives for personal growth and spiritual development.

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Clearing the Clutter Inside & Out: Other People’s Clutter


What are you holding onto that isn’t yours? Your  grown child’s yearbooks? Furniture for a friend? Someone else’s anger, shame or guilt?  Whether it’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, we don’t need to hold onto what doesn’t belong to us.

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Cracking Your Personalized Energy Code


Mark Mincolla, Ph.D. will be our guest on June 25th.   For more information about Mark:   Imagine that you had our own unique, “DNA like” energy code. So that if you wanted to maximize your innate power, wellness and prospects for success all you’d have to do is align your lifestyle in accordance with your personal energy code. Now …

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If Kim Kardashian Were My Client


Roy Biancalana will be our guest on June 18th.  For more information about Roy:  The third time is the charm. Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that Kim Kardashian  and Kanye West  playfully nicknamed, Kimye, are getting married. It will be her third marriage and it appears to be his third significant relationship as well. Beyond all the pomp and …

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